Dispatch – 006

“Humans are more important than hardware”  – SOF Truth 

Dispatches from the Front 006:

“Peloton is cutting jobs, closing stores and hiking prices”

Remember two years ago when tech based at home fitness was the next wave? Apparently that wave has crashed as both Peloton and Soul Cycle are facing trouble. 

I’m all for any platform that gets people moving – but NOTHING can ever replace the connections that are forged inside a CrossFit gym. 

Time and time again we ask members what makes PSKC special and the consistent answer is “IT’S THE PEOPLE “. That relationship cannot be duplicated over a screen. As a matter of fact the hour at the gym might be one of the only hours when you’re not attached to your device.

Seeing the trouble at home tech based fitness companies are facing reminded me of the 5 SOF (Special Operations Forces) Truths:

  1. Humans are more important than Hardware.
  2. Quality is better than Quantity.
  3. Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.
  4. Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.
  5. Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance

These truths have held in the military, small businesses, and running CrossFit gyms. 

Live your dream,


What You Need to Know: 

Friday, August 26th, is PSKC’s 12th Anniversary, and we want to take the day to say thank you to all of you for being on this wild ride with us! Muddy River Coffee will be by for Front Porch Coffee that morning, the noon class gets a special treat from Maestro’s, and all are welcome for happy hour drinks at Patties following the 4:30 PM class.  

We have athletes competing at this weekend’s CrossFit competition at Alpha Pack! Wish them luck! 

Events Coming Up: 

  • Tuesday: Group Bike Ride @ RCAC. Ride starts at 6 PM (Weekly)
  • Thursday: Group Run @ RCAC. Run starts at 6 PM (Weekly) 
  • 08/26: PSKC Member Appreciation and 12th Anniversary!  
  • 08/27: Alpha Pack Dawg Days of Summer Team Competition
  • 9/10: Color for Hope – 5K Color Run and Event for Suicide Awareness 
  • 10/22: PSKC is hosting the Festivus Games – this will be a 2-person team competition. 

On Tap This Week: 


Sweat: “MILLEY”


Buy In: 2000m Row

In Remaining Time:

11 Wall Balls (30/20)

30 Double Unders

10 Burpees


Sweat: For Time

500/400m Ski

20 Bench Press (95/65)

500/400m Ski

18 Bench Press

500/400m Ski

2 Bench Press

***30:00 cap



Partner Up; For Time

5k/4k Row

***From 0-2.5/2k meters: Dbl KB Front Rack Hold (35/26)

***From 2.5/2k-5/4k meters: Active Hang from Pull Up Bar


Sweat: EMOM24:

For Max Reps

1- Sit Ups

2- Bike Calories

3- Plank

4- Lunges


Standby for this workout! Happy Anniversary! 

Don’t Eat Sh!t:How I Got My Kids to Love Broccoli, via CrossFit.Com

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