Dispatch – 004

“How you do one thing – is how you do everything” 

Dispatches from the Front 004:

If you can squat to full depth – do it. 

If you can hit the wall ball target – do it.

If you can fully lockout your elbows in the overhead position – do it. 

Every – single – time. 

If you miss a rep – don’t count it. 

As a coach our job is to teach the movement, correct faults, and give you cue to improve your movement patterns. We will be relentless in helping you achieve mastery of the fundamentals. Why? Better movement = better quality of life. 

Focus on the quality of “good” repetitions – not the quantity of questionable reps and you will advance much faster and feel much better.

Live your dream,


What You Need to Know: 

We would like to give a big shout out to all of our athletes who competed in the TCC’s Summer Bummer competition! Great job to all of you who represented PSKC last Saturday, and congratulations to those who podiumed! 

Front Porch Coffee Friday from 0630-1100 August 12th! 

Events Coming Up: 

  • Tuesday: Group Bike Ride @ RCAC. Ride starts at 6 PM (Weekly)
  • Thursday: Group Run @ RCAC. Run starts at 6 PM (Weekly) 
  • 8/13: 1st Annual Mound Park Games 9 AM-6 PM. Presented by The Hilltop Initiative. 
  • PSKC 12th Anniversary: stay tuned for date/details! 
  • 9/10: Color for Hope – 5K Color Run and Event for Suicide Awareness 

On Tap This Week: 

Standby for this week’s programming!

Don’t Eat Sh!t: “Your New Diet in the Real World,via CrossFit.com

Dale’s Docket: (Stuff I’m watching, reading, listening, using, or buying)

Listen: JedBurgh Podcast 69 – “We live in a world completely consumed by information. Mario Vasilescu says society is in the middle of an information epidemic in which we suffer from Infobesity, Information Pollution, and how we are the victims of Information Warfare.

In this episode Fran Racioppi met Mario at the Betaworks office in New York City to discuss the epidemic, the importance of the information commons, and Mario’s keys to freedom, resilience and control of what information comes our way.”

Read: The American Cartel : This book details the decades long collusion between Big Pharma, Government Officials, and Doctors that created the Opioid Crisis. There is even a Chapter dedicated to Portsmouth. If you truly want to understand the enemy – this book is a must read. 

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