Dispatch – 002

“I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.”

Dispatches from the Front 002:

I am a 41 year old man doing power cleans in my garage on a Sunday. If you would have told me I would be doing that when I was 20, I really don’t think I would have believed you. The real question is what will I be doing when I’m 61? Assuming I remain consistent in the gym, clean up the eating, and focus on habits that promote health – hopefully the same thing. 

That’s the cool thing about CrossFit – and I’ve been doing it since 2007. It gives me the consistent physical practice I need to promote a healthy and capable life. Sure I play around on different branches (rucking, lifting, competing, longer erg workouts, kettlebells, etc.) but the root of the tree is always constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. 

Another question I often ponder is: how would I look and feel if I hadn’t found CrossFit 15 years ago? As I get older I find myself in a trap of not having the same times/scores of earlier workouts in my early 30s. What I should be doing is taking a look at people that are my age that don’t workout at all. 

The best way to not get out of shape is to stay in shape. Something that has helped me throughout the years is the 48 hour rule. I never let more than 2 days go by without working out. It seems the longer the time in between workouts, the easier it is to make excuses. Now it doesn’t have to be “hard”, I just need to make sure I do something to be consistent with that rule. 

Live your dream,


What You Need to Know: 

Bring a Friend Week is back, August 1st-5th! If somebody you know hasn’t tried us out yet and wants to give PSKC a shot, all classes, including ERGOUT, are free the entire week. If they end up investing in a membership after that week, they will get $50 off their first month, and you get $50 off your next month as part of our referral program. 

Front Porch Coffee Friday from 0630-1100 July 29th! 

On Tap This Week:


Sweat: “BERT”

For Time: 

50 Burpees

400m Run

100 Push-Ups

400m Run

150 Walking Lunges

400m Run

200 Air Squats

400m Run

150 Walking Lunges

400m Run

100 Push-Ups

400m Run

50 Burpees

***Reminder: “Bert” is a Hero workout which means we will be repeating it – so please be sure to log your times!


Extra stretching! 

Skill: Ski Review 


3 RFT:

500/400m Row 

25 Sit-Ups 

500/400m Ski 

25 Sit-Ups 


Warm Up: Double Under practice // Warm up to deadlift weight



9 Deadlift (225/155)

60 Double Unders 

30 Wall Balls 

***Goal: 4+ rounds 


Sweat: 5 Rounds 

3:00 work/ 3:00 rest 

500m Row As Fast As Possible 

Remaining Time: Max Russian Swings (53/35)

***Score: Swings 


Sweat: “THROW IT UP” 

Partner Up; Split Reps – Rotate On the Minute (EMOM Style) 

Every 1:00 – Buy In: G2OH 

***Weight increases/reps decrease at each station 

Once Buy-In is complete: AMRAP of designated movement in remaining time until reps are complete. 

A.) 100 Box Jump Overs (G2O- (95/65)x 4)

B.) 100|80 Bike Cals (G2O – (135/95) x 3)

C.) 100 Alternating KB Snatches (G2OH- (155/105) x 2)

D.) 100|80 Ski Cals (G2OH- (185/125) x 1) 

Example: I start minute 1. I perform 4 G2O and then as many box jump overs as I can within a minute. Minute 2: P2 performs 4 G2O and then max BJO. This continues until 100 BJO are completed. Then you move to the next movement. G2O is considered a buy in every minute before the movement. 

Don’t Eat Sh!t: Beyond Calories, CrossFit.com

Dale’s Docket: (Stuff I’m watching, reading, listening, using, or buying)

Watch: How to Change Your Mind – Netflix:  This is an interesting look at psychedelics and their potential usage to treat behavioral and neurological conditions. 

Listen: Rogan with Marc Andreessen #1840 – Marc Andreesen is a computer engineer by trade. This was a fascinating conversation discussing everything from artificial intelligence, religion, tribalism, and engineering. 

Read:Why CrossFit Women Are Stronger Than You  “Has anything advanced female fitness more than CrossFit? Nope. If you’ve always encouraged females to lift weights, thank CrossFit women for changing the landscape.”

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